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GLU- in | Connecting Together

Sign up for Trial

Call our representative, provide your Mobile No (or) Email Id for Sign up. App features include Member Management, Announcements, Events, Reminders, Gallery, Bills Management, Buy n Sell etc. App is full of real cool features including the payment gateway. Completely personalize with your associations needs.

Setup & Invite

Once you have signed up, we have the default data pre-configured for you to do a quick jump start. You can setup your Society, Assoications, group's specific data, Personalize the app with your logo, banners, mobile splash screen. Create (or) Import members, they need a unique login to join. Invite them to connect and collaborate.

Access Anywhere

GLU-in - Connecting together. The solution can be accessed through web (or) smart phone, we support both Android & IOS. We kept the design really cool and you can easily navigate. Personalize the app to your taste. Help is provided on all the web screens, which makes it easy to setup for your group.


Housing Societies

Specially designed for apartments and housing societies. Manaage and collaborate at ease.



Manage your member communication and collaboration at ease. Stay in touch & manage with ease.