Associations - Main Features


GLU-in provides complete personalization features to make it look your own app. You can add logo, change themes, upload banners to web interface, change the landing screen on your mobile etc. This seamlessly works between web interface, android and IOS apps.


Members are the backbone of an association. You can store and track member data, about their personal details, family details etc. Members can update their personal profile like hobbies, social media details etc and at the same time restrict visibility to other members as needed.


Polls provide a quick way of getting voting, opinion from your members. A great flexibility to define your own questions and answers which members get to choose. You can seek textual opinions as well and you get a quick result with in minutes.


Events are a way to meet and gather to celebrate, discuss and for varied different means. Events are way of e-inviting people for various personal and society related gatherings. These events could be like birthday parties, small group gatherings, monthly association meeting and many others are suitable examples to use events in GLU-in.


You can send announcements to your members, and these announcements can be shown to the members only between the date or dates you want. Members get alerts on their apps and instantly informed. Good way of keeping in touch with your members and keep them informed about the latest happenings in the association.

More Features

Collaborate and Manage with ease

  • Family Members

    Add and invite family members to receive updates and informed.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

    Membership fees, renewals and other payments to the society can be done online.

  • Committee Management

    Multiple commitees and the heirarchy can be managed at ease.

  • Gallery

    Upload and share good memories with your members.

  • Groups

    Create subgroups which can independently collaborte based on the needs.

  • Complaints Management

    Seek suggestions, complaints from members and bring them to resolution.

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